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About  Mahavir Packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd

Packing for moving is and art that requires expertise. Shree Mahavir Packers & Movers through its highly trained and experienced staff, is proud to portray this expertise as one of our major strengths.

Our care has helped to build our reputation for giving our customers the VIP treatment they deserve. We address all the moving needs of our customers on an individual basis, striving for overall added value and cost control.

Our customized services, transport as per requirement and the 3 C's are the hallmark of our service.

The 3 C's:

Mode of Transport:
    Normal Trucks
    DCM Toyota
    Tata 407
    Trailer Container
Quality Policy

Quality, Service, Training .. , there are the hallmarks of Shree Mahavir Packers & Movers. Everyone who works with us knows how each move is different and every customer is special. Every Shree Mahavir Packers & Movers employee receives on-going training to ensure we provide the best and safest service possible. We not only solve your problem of moving to places but also ensure they don't arise.

Team Work

Forwarding all sorts of household goods and personal possessions is the nature of any move. Our emphasis is on the teamwork needed in handling such transfers. Accurate and timely communication means the job moves ahead smoothly  with a problem-free result to our customers.
+91 76 6686 6602
+91 76 6686 6602
+91 95 8694 4777
+91 76 6686 6602
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